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About Us

Pittie Party Rescue is a 501c3 organization based in Northern and Central NJ. Our mission is to rescue cats and kittens in need and work to place them in successful new homes.

We are a foster-based nonprofit organization that relies entirely on donations to function.

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History of Our Rescue

Pittie Party Rescue started as a dog rescue for primarily pitbull breeds. In 2017, the dog kennel that we used to help support our rescue closed down and without their support, the rescue dwindled. That was until our director, discovered a colony of feral cats living around her apartment complex. She recruited help to rescue these cats, get them spayed & neutered and adopted them into loving homes. 


Through this experience, she realized that there is a cat crisis in New Jersey, and that is where we have focused our efforts. Pittie Party Rescue began to grow as a cat rescue group. Currently we are a foster-based rescue that takes in primarily cats and kittens. We take in sick and abandoned animals, care for them and adopt them out into fantastic new homes. We treat each animal as if they are our own while they are waiting for their forever families.


Our Programs



Rescue is the heart of what we do. Our goal is to rescue as many animals in need as our resources allow. We rescue animals from the local community, municipal shelters, and through TNR and find them loving forever homes.

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Neonatal kittens, sick or injured cats, and special needs animals make up a large part of our population. We are proud to help those animals that may not have the opportunity to thrive in a different environment. Our success in rehabilitation relies on the generous monetary donations of our supporters.



We are dedicated to educating the public about animal welfare and our programs. By hosting workshops to educate our local youth on the importance of animal rescue, TNR, and humane pet care, we are creating a world of future animal advocates and responsible pet owners.

Cat Stats

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