Simply put, without our wonderful sponsors, Pittie Party Rescue would not be able to fulfill our mission to rescue animals in need and work to place them in successful new homes. Our sponsors' generous donations go straight to providing our animals with the essential care they need to survive and thrive. By sponsoring Pittie Party Rescue, these companies are giving back to their community and helping out animals in need and for that we sincerely thank them!


Each of our items is handpicked from thrift stores & consignment shops and ready to be given a new life by its next owner. Our clothing styles range from modern to vintage, so there's something for everyone. With each item sold, we are actively reducing the amount of clothing that ends up in landfills, as well as all of the other negative effects that come along with producing new clothing. Thank you for shopping with us and supporting slow fashion!

Kitty Poo Club Is The World's Most Convenient, Odor-Free Litter Box Subscription. The Purrfect Monthly All-In-One Litter Box Solution For Your Kitty, Fresh To Your Door.

Celebrating over 5 years in business servicing the central New Jersey area, our services include: dog walking, dog sitting, cat sitting, and pet sitting. We offer in home-pet sitting as well as boarding services. Bulk rates are available - please inquire for further information. Simply Yours Concierge is the preferred pet sitting service of Pittie Party Rescue.


Become a Sponsor

If you would like to become a sponsor for Pittie Party rescue or would like more details please email ad@pittiepartyrescue.com